The AIA Automated Immunoassay Family

From 36 to 200 tests per hour, there is a Tosoh AIA system for every need. The Automated Immmunoassay (AIA) systems are fully equipped to meet the demands of laboratories now and in the future. The accuracy and result integrity of Tosoh products allows for your continued success and growth.

Tosoh combines instrument reliability with exclusive AIA-Pack test cups that provide the highest standard of quality, precision and accuracy in clinical diagnostics.

Tosoh AIA Systems

AIA-2000 »
Automated Enyzme Immunoassay System
200 tests per hour

AIA-900 »
Automated Enyzme Immunoassay System
- 90 tests per hour

AIA-360 »
Automated Enyzme Immunoassay System
- 36 tests per hour

The AIA-PACK Test Cup

One Reagent for all Tosoh AIA Systems
•  All Tosoh AIA analyzers utilize the same reagents
•  The AIA-Pack reagents consist of unique unit dose test cups.
•  Each test cup contains all necessary components to perform the analysis
•  There is no reagent preparation - and no reagent waste.
•  Along with calibration stability of 90 days, small volume assays can be run in-house

Unit Dose Test Cup Reagent Technology